About Us

Photo of a white septic truck with a large logo on the side.

For over 40 years, we at Chuck’s & Auburn Septic & Rooter Service have recognized the importance of service in the septic and sanitation industry. This is what separates us from the rest of the industry. It is this service that keeps our customers coming back to us. We demand this quality service for our customers because we believe they deserve it. This high level of service begins when we answer your call in the office, continues when we dispatch our service techs, and comes back to our customers in a positive way.

At Chuck’s & Auburn Septic & Rooter Service, the president has over 30 years of experience in the septic and sanitation industry.

In 1976, the family acquired Chuck’s Septic, which was established back in 1968. The family worked together for several years and grew to a point where the dad decided to split them up and sell Chuck’s Septic to Mitch, his son, in 1981. Since the family was already in the portable toilet industry, Mitch continued growing his company in the septic area. In 1991, Mitch purchased another company, Auburn Septic, and then incorporated them together to Chuck’s & Auburn Septic. In 1995, we acquired a C36 state contractors license so we could give our customers a variety of services, from maintenance to septic repairs. Now, Mitch works alongside his son, Travis, and we plan on keeping this family business prospering, giving our customers the service they very well deserve. At Chuck’s & Auburn Septic & Rooter Service, we have experienced phenomenal growth within our local community and plan to continue giving our customers quality service for many years to come.